Social Impact

We work with long term unemployed to assist them to overcome the multiple barriers that have prevented their access to employment.
Our key aim is to improve their confidence, self-esteem and employability. This is done through providing increased access to supported, work-based placements and training opportunities, as well as assisting in the development of the soft skills necessary to secure employment.

Every person that either volunteers or is on a work placement has their progress monitored from an initial self-assessed baseline. Through this we are able to track soft skill development and training,as well as monitoring progress in self-confidence and improved commitment to a work ethos. In addition to providing an atmosphere that encourages the development of a sense of camaraderie, we offer advice and personal support in times of need on  welfare and benefits, drug and alcohol issues, family crisis, all of which impact on an ability to work.

We also support other local charities and social enterprises by offering a free or reduced-rate service for their recycling or by passing onto them resources they can make use of.

As well as offering a low cost alternative to landfill, which will help local businesses to reduce their own overheads, we also have a social impact on:

  • Supporting those people furthest from the work market through skills, training and progress to employment
  • Improving community / social inclusion by assisting people into employment thus creating more wealth in the local economy
  • Creating a greener environment by reducing waste going to landfill

We complement the Community Work Programme in partnership with Learn Direct, Ingeus, Acorn Training, by shaping skills and systems training theough work placements for long term unemployed via 4 weeks or 6 months placements.

People interested in the work we do can then volunteer for 2 days a week. Suitable volunteers can then apply for part time jobs with the organisation, where available. We have just started three young apprentices, studying warehousing management.

Throughout the placements we deliver a series of work based training programmes to build the skills and improve the self-confidence of our trainees such as: health and safety, manual handling; first aid; fire prevention; and team leadership; plus operational training and material recognition; CV development and job search. We have also supported specific courses to help secure work i.e. fork lift truck course / driving lessons. We hope this means we have moved them closer to the point of securing employment.

Our Equal Opportunities policy underpins our ethos of supporting and providing opportunities for everyone who has contact with the organisation. This is reflected by:

Every recruitment, training and progression decision made by and for our staff is based purely on merit and ability and not upon any consideration of race, colour, religion, disability, nationality, cultural background, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or marital status.  All efforts are made to prevent unfair discrimination against ex-offenders.  Specifically, we implement the requirements of the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Disability Discrimination Action 1995.

Employees who breach this policy commit a disciplinary offence and as such are subject to Disciplinary Procedures. Any staff aware of discrimination have a duty to advise the Human Resources Manager, who is responsible for investigating the matter and taking appropriate action.

The policy is reviewed and monitored on a regular basis at Management Team Meetings in terms of Performance Analysis statistics, number and nature of any complaints received and action taken; new legislation will be incorporated as appropriate.

We implement ‘best practices’ to improve Social Inclusion, and through Diversity recognise individuality and the opportunities this can bring to an organisation. We positively support people who are furthest from the employment market to overcome the multiple barriers facing them.