• Untapped Resource is an inspirational company that not only provides training and job experience to many who find it difficult to obtain employment, but also offers a valuable service to local businesses to recycle their waste materials.

    Untapped Resource is a successful not for profit CLC keeping a stream of material for the business to process and find customers to sell it to. They also act as trainer, mentor and motivator to employees preparing them for a life in work.

    I regularly refer businesses to use Untapped Resource to process their waste and have no reservation in recommending Untapped Resource as a successful and resourceful business.

    Michael Huxley The Hive NTU
  • Untapped are always on hand to give help and advice. All queries are answered, giving details as necessary to enable us to stay on course. As a charity we need to think outside the box, they are in line with this and work hard to make our people projects a success. We will continue to use their services for the foreseeable future.

    Wanda Adams Charity Administrator @ National Police Aid Convoy
  • The services they provide to clients and the focus on developing the staff team is exceptional. What this team can achieve with what others perceive as waste is inspirational I would have no hesitation in recommending any business with a social conscience in engaging with them.

    Spencer Prewitt MBA LLB CMAGS Business Development Consultant NN College
  • Considering that the quantities I use have increased substantially over the years, making  it more and more difficult and expensive for me to dispose of.

    In my opinion the work that Untapped Resource undertakes on waste recycling makes a major contribution, not only to local environment (pollution control) and local economy (employment) but also contributes to waste disposal reductions and resource saving for the local authority.

    I value the tireless work that Untapped Resource does in the local community with the long term unemployed and can appreciate the positive social impact that has been accomplished. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Sam Saunders Virtual Personnel Assistant @ Impact
  • Untapped Resource is a great partner, they excel in their work and their social commitment is a model that we should all try to achieve

    Mark Spry Funding Director ICW
  • Untapped Resource is an amazing company who have carved a company into the Nottinghamshire landscape.

    They have given opportunity to many young people  and given them a chance in life. The company is dependable and deliver on what they promise.

    I would recommend them to anyone in the area t give them a try for advice and expertise in recycling and materials management.

    Nick Turner Town Centre Manager MDC
  • Untapped Resource is a gem of an organisation delivering against environmental and social outcomes, working in recycling.  A field dominated by big parties, they work extremely hard maintaining their integrity and delivering vital support to local individuals and across the community.

    It’s about time people sat up and take a closer look at what this cracking organisation does and the potential that it has for even greater success and the sheer grit and determination of those who work there to succeed in life.

    Una Key CEO Sherwood CVS
  • We have used Untapped Resource for a couple of years now to remove the inevitable amount of cardboard that we need to dispose of.

    The service that they provide is friendly, prompt and a good value

    Alison Constantine Creative Director @ Atmospheric Client Interiors Ltd
  • We needed to dispose of cardboard and plastic waste and wanted to do so in a useful way. Maria was able to help us and organize collections and disposals.

    They are easy to work with and very straightforward, it is good to think that our waste might end up helping to train their staff in work rather than receiving a few paltry pounds from a commercial company.

    John Roskains M.D @ Melas Group Ltd.
  • Truly the heart of their community, I see them as a great benefit to anyone who are lucky enough to work with or be helped by this organisation.

    The women at the front of this organisation know what their needs and I do believe that they will stop at nothing until they get it.

    I wish them all the best in the world on that mission.


    Casys Bowen Jones, Events Coordinator