About us

We are a small enterprise based in the Nottinghamshire town of Mansfield. Our aim has always been to help local people and support the local community. We support people to overcome the multiple barriers they face to enable them to work to towards securing full time employment.
We are a fully licenced Waste Carrier, but unlike many other recycling companies, that generally only collect single material items such as paper and card, we collect a range of materials including composite materials stripping them back into their constituent parts for recycling.By doing this we avoid many good quality resources in mixed materials being sent to landfill simply because it is too labour intensive to sort them.  If we cannot handle it we probably know someone who can.

As part of our job creation scheme, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to make various products from the recycling material and add value to the material. This includes: pet beds and pet products; receptacles and fabric craft packs for children.

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