Sadly   after 9 years of trading, supporting those with difficulty in finding suitable work; and local businesses to recycle their waste streams, Untapped Resource has had to close.

Changes to the  Government’s  Mandatory Work Programme,  the strangle hold of VAT  and  other Business Taxes; and disastrous December Trading has meant we have had to go into Voluntary Liquidation. I am sorry to those of you to whom we still had outstanding invoices.

I would  like to thank  all of our loyal customers for  your support over the  years;

Thank you to our staff who worked in very difficult conditions and our volunteers who worked hard with developed confidence and  self respect. Lastly to the Directors who worked hard for 9 years  to  keep the social enterprise going.

To those of you  who are still struggling  to recycle some of your waste streams please contact your Local Authority  Waste  Officer they will be  able to advise you. There are also  Waste Management Organisations who will be  able to assist you.

I miss you all,

Teresa Jackson


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