We collect a vast array of business recyclables. All you need to do is contact us and arrange a site visit.  We will help you reach your Zero waste target and prove social corporate responsibility for your business by being seen to support a local social enterprise like ours. We have had to increase our collection charges recently to cover the costs of increases in wages insurances and vehicle costs: £30 for the large van; £20 for the small van: £7.50 for collection and processing from businesses on the estate; and an additional £10 for any runs over 30 miles round trip. We hope you understand that without your support to pay a reasonable rate for the collection and disposal of your recyclable materials, we will not be able to continue to collect you recyclables. The alternative is potentially a skip with landfill taxes on added on. Landfill charges are currently £82.50, so a skip can cost you £166.We can save you money and still save the plabnet. we look forward to your call.