Recycling SolutionsWe focus our attention on recycling materials that are surplus to a business’ requirements.

Surplus goods and materials classed as waste cost money to store and even more to dispose of. Some materials which are a waste product to one business are a useful resource to another, but may need staff time to strip it down into useful components.

This is where Untapped Resource can help your business to reduce its operational costs, by collecting the surplus and unwanted material and using our placements and volunteers to disassemble the resources.

Which materials are you currently paying to send to landfill? Maybe it is something we can utilise?

We can take:

  • Different types of plastic: Polypropylene, Polythene wrap, Polystyrene (associated with the yarn cones) and Plastic Pallets.
  • Polyester Yarn on cones and fibre waste
  • Office clearance work including paper and furniture
  • Cardboard Paper and Card
  • Textile samples, fabric off-cuts, buttons and lace trimmings
  • Used hippo sacks
  • Confidential waste

Give us a call and talk to us, our consultant can make a site survey to determine which products we can accept. If we cannot help we might know someone who can.

We do not collect video and cassette tapes; used cooking oil; PET /HDPE plastics as we cannot find the right merchant or collect these items in large enough quantities to cover our costs.

All goods sold support our social enterprise and provide better facilities and training opportunities for the long term unemployed in Mansfield and Ashfield. Together we are helping to get people working and spending in the local economy.