Castaway – Crowdfunding

Project Aim

Castaway will help us rebuild the lives of those marginalized by the impact of long term unemployment through the provision of work placements.


Help us to rebuild the lives of those marginalised by the impact of long term unemployment, who often feel as if they have been castaway from society. We seek to salvage the self-belief and confidence of people who endure the stigma that being unemployed brings and tackle the many misconceptions and prejudiced attitudes that they have to face. Unsurprisingly such attitudes make it harder for people to secure employment – so we work hard to address the myths commonly attached to those who find themselves marginalised without employment, by providing them with work positive mentored placements. Our clients are more than a tick box to us.

I like coming here because everyone is so friendly and helpful, it is helping me to overcome my depression” SS.

Untapped Resource is a small social enterprise that deals in business waste recycling. The work placements that we provide are either for 4 weeks or 6 months and during that time, we deliver a series of training programmes to build the skills and self-confidence of the participants. But the provision of training is only a part of the support that we provide. We engender a sense of camaraderie throughout the company and provide personal support in times of need on issues such as family crisis, poor mental health, substance misuse and welfare. Those that are not successful in gaining paid work continue to attend as volunteers, because they feel wanted and part of a group, no longer castaway by society, but in a safe haven where they can continue to prove their commitment to work.

The people at Untapped Resource have helped me so much, even when my family and friends turned away from me. With their support I have stopped drinking and taken control of my life again” RB.

The work that we currently do is at risk, as our only  funding is from the sale of our recycled produce and this is suffering from the fall in prices for recyclable products, which mirrors the general fall in commodity prices. This and the reduction in traditional sources of grant and project funding available to organisations like ourselves, puts our ability to provide our work placements at serious risk.  We have made cost savings where possible but now we need to grow the organisation to get us back on track.

This is why we are asking for your help and support. Please do not underestimate any tiny amount of funding support that you can provide to us, as it would be of huge significance to us and those we help, to recycle these castaways back into society.