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Recycling is our Business

We are a fully licenced waste transfer company based in Mansfield. We offer services such as collections of textiles and polyester thread, card bobbins and cardboard, various plastics, metals, plus many other bespoke recycling opportunities. Talk to us to find a cost effective solution to your waste products.

Recycling Collections

If you are disposing of any of the previously mentioned recyclable streams to landfill, they could be collected by us, helping your zero waste targets. You will need to contact us via the address, contact number or email located in the contact us section of our web page so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss suitable containers for you to sort your waste into.

About Us

Untapped Resource is a community interest company based in Mansfield. We are supporting local people by offering work based learning opportunities for those with barriers to work who are furthest from the employment market.